I'm a Danish wildlife photographer, zoologist/wildlife biologist specialized in mammals and published author of five wildlife books including Wildlife of Africa - safari guide, Wildlife of Greenland and Wildlife of Galapagos (all in Danish). Have worked with and photographed wildlife for 22 years and on all seven continents. Lived for five years in South America (incl. 2½ year in the Pantanal and a year in the Amazon), a year in Africa and a year in Australia. Have spent a number of years surveying the mammal fauna of unexplored wilderness areas of South America, being one of the pioneers of camera trapping for scientific purposes in the Neotropics, have conducted population studies of ocelot, puma, tapir and maned wolf and have discovered a new deer species in Amazonian Peru. Tour leader on trips to Africa, Madagascar, Antarctica, South America, Galapagos, Australia, Finland (bear/wolf) and Norway (orca). Presently science communication officer and event coordinator at the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.

Contact: mail@mogenstrolle.dk